Sutton Ceramics is a small Knoxville based Business owned and operated by myself, Lacey Sutton. I make unique wheel thrown pottery and handmade porcelain jewelry. I hope to create pieces that honor the beautiful tradition of pottery, while also offering a fresh and modern interpitation of the craft. 

My Story

I have always loved to create. My childhood home had an attic "craft room" were much of my time was spent. The floors were always covered in crayons and loose glitter that stuck to my naked toes. Today the glitter has been replaced by floors covered in clay drips and porcelain dust, but I love it even more.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to spend my days creating, hands and feet covered in clay, and at home, kiddos by my side. I am so grateful for all the people who have made my dreams a reality, by supporting my work, and buying and using the things I make. Thank you.